Yoshio Ojima

is a Japanese producer who has been in pursuit of creating his own distinctive style of ambient music and environmental sounds since the 1980s. He is also a sound designer who has participated in the development of sound systems of many renowned public facilities in Japan such as Spiral (Wacoal Art Center), Living Design Center Ozone, Tokyo Opera City Galleria, etc.

The works that are considered to be his masterpieces are the environmental music collection that he produced for Spiral entitled, Une Collection Des Chainons I & II, HandsSome (Newsic/ Spiral) as well as albums that he collaborated with Satsuki Shibano that he produced, Caresse (Newsic/ Spiral), Music for Element and Belle De Nuit (les disques des chainons).

Due to the recent focus of attention on Japanese ambient and environmental music of the 1980s, Ojima’s past works has been steadily been discovered by a new generation of music fans from around the world. His past works are planned to be reissued from several foreign labels in the near future and he is also working on releasing new material as well.



代表作はソロアルバム「Une Collection des Chainons I&II」「HandsSome」(Spiral)、柴野さつきとのコラボレーションアルバム「カレス(愛撫)」(Spiral)「Music for Element」( les disques des chainons)。ピアニスト柴野さつきのアルバムプロデュース、吉村弘「Pier&Loft」のプロデュースなど。

スパイラル(ワコールアートセンター)やリビングデザインセンターOZONE、東京オペラシティ ガレリアを始めとする各種集客施設の環境音楽を制作し、サウンドデザインやサウンドシステムの開発にも関わる